Our Work

Rich Color Palettes, Lush Textures and Everything in Between.

We thrive on tending to the details of modern and timeless aesthetics. Our portfolio showcases some of the exquisite work we have been honored to do over the twelve years we have been in business. We always strive to create the best experiences for our clients and guests.

Italian Formal Garden Wedding in Michigan 
Intimate Covid-19 Wedding
Location:  The War Memorial

Botanical Modern Wedding
Covid-19 Wedding
Location: Royal Park Hotel

French Riviera
Intimate wedding (editorial)
Location: Botanical Gardens
Concept: French riviera; pastel color palette

Hello 40
40th birthday party
Location: Detroit, MI
Concept: Lush flowers; luxury

Noir Styled
Wedding (editorial)
Location: Detroit, MI
Concept: Black color palette

It’s a Leo
Baby shower (editorial)
Concept: Baby’s zodiac sign