Planning your wedding day can be exciting! One of the first things you may do is immediately rush to Pinterest and start building a mood board with all the pretty things you could see for your dream wedding you love your ideal vision for your wedding day. Before you get too excited, it is important to know these 5 potential mistakes that brides-to-be can make and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1 – Setting an Unrealistic Wedding Budget

One of the most common mistakes a bride-to-be can make is setting an unrealistic wedding budget. This is understandable! We are constantly bombarded with images of glamorous and unique wedding ceremonies and receptions. Unfortunately, many brides get blinded by the pretty and underestimate the costs of all the details these extravagant events and end up with a budget that is overwhelming.

How to avoid it: Decide up front what is important to you. Is it the venue? A top-quality caterer? The best photographer in town? Once you have determined this, you can clearly prioritize your allocation of resources.

Mistake #2 – Choosing One Venue

Many brides make the mistake of making a pricey commitment without shopping around for other options. Although It is easy to fall in love with the aesthetics of one specific location, you should make sure to do proper research before limiting yourself to one venue. Look beyond the walls and get into the details to understand if it’s the right venue for you.

How to avoid it: Before choosing a venue, it is important to have a firm grasp of your wedding size, style, and color scheme. Shop around, make price comparisons, and try to find a middle ground with both a reasonable price point and desired aesthetic. A wedding planner can also be effective in providing you honest feedback on how your venue fits in with your wedding vision.

Mistake #3 – Contracting with a Venue

Many brides-to-be do not realize they can negotiate the terms of their contracts. Common issues can arise when aspects of the contract are too vague, revisions are not updated in writing, costs aren’t itemized, and a cancellation and refund policy isn’t made explicitly clear.

How to avoid it: Make sure to get everything in writing, down to the smallest detail. When modifications are made to the existing contract, make sure to amend that contract so all changes will be reflected. All the intricate details will not get lost, if your contact moves on to another opportunity outside the venue.

Mistake #4 – Selecting a Wedding Date

Brides-to-be don’t often consider the many pitfalls that arise when selecting a date. It is easy to overlook the fact that your wedding style may dictate the time of year or that your preferred date may be more costly than anticipated.

How to avoid it: Setting a date further into the future will give you more flexibility when it comes to planning. Try to strike a middle ground between the date you would prefer and the date your budget can handle. Also make sure to consider any restrictions the time of year may place on your wedding vision and plan accordingly. Don’t be afraid to have a primary and secondary desired wedding dates, just in case your dream venue is booked on your desired date you have a backup.

Mistake #5 – Inquiring with Vendors

Many brides can have a tough time navigating the process of inquiring with wedding vendors. Whether it is emailing every vendor in town without a clear vision, or not understanding potential hidden fees, there are quite a few areas for mishap.

How to avoid it: Start by doing your research! Check online listings for local vendors and peruse their websites to help you narrow down your choices. When connecting with potential vendors, provide as much information as possible and ask questions! Clear and concise communication can assist in finding a vendor that truly understands your vision.

Hopefully this will arm you with the knowledge to avoid these pitfalls and streamline the planning process for your dream wedding. Happy planning! Let’s change the ending and have a call to action at the end.