Newly engaged? Get ready to be bombarded with questions about your big day. A wedding is definitely a milestone event that gets family and friends super excited for all the details. Here’s some advice on how to navigate these questions while maintaining your sanity.

Let me see the ring?

Of course, they want to see the ring! Wear it proudly and allow people to look at it on your terms. For friends and family who are unable to see your ring in person, an engagement photo shoot is a fun way to share your engagement.  Especially now, when it is more challenging to gather in person, this is a great way to share your gorgeous ring with your friends and family.

How did he propose?

Inquiring minds want to know! Figure out beforehand how you would like to share the announcement with family and friends. You can also film a video where you tell the story together. There are so many resources you can use to get the word out.  This is a story worth telling!

When is the big day?

Especially when newly engaged, this may not be something you’ve thought about yet.  Even if you are not sure, it’s good to have a discussion with your future spouse beforehand so that you’re on the same page. Keep in mind that it is best to share this as soon as possible. By the time you send out you save the dates, it won’t be a complete surprise to your guests.

Where are you getting married?

Destination? Courthouse? An elegant hotel weddings? Going to Vegas to elope? Maybe you don’t know just yet and that’s fine! A “we’re still figuring out the details and will let you know!” will suffice.

However, keep in mind that this is a decision that you should make as soon as possible. Where you get married could ultimately determine your date. If you want a beach wedding in the Caribbean, it may be best to avoid hurricane season. Whereas a small local wedding can give you some more flexibility. Also, your dream venue may book up fast which also may determine your date.

Who’s standing by your side when you say, “I Do?”

This is a tough one! You have your bestie from when you were in diapers and your college sorority sister who has practically become family. It is best not to make any promises on this one. You are already in the whirlwind of your engagement so don’t be pressured to make a decision on this just yet. When the excitement has slowed down, you’ll have time to sit down and make the best decision for you. Remember it is what works for YOU. Not everyone else.

How many guests are you inviting?

A guest list is one of the fastest things that can get out of hand when planning a wedding. Don’t feel pressured to answer this question now.  Before you share details on this with others, sit down with your fiancé and realistically determine the number of guests you would like to have based on your budget.

If you have an idea but are still finalizing the details you can still say something like, “We are planning to have something small and intimate. Will let you know the details soon!”

Getting engaged is exciting and people will definitely have questions, which is completely normal!  Share in all the love and excitement with your family and friends while still being mindful of the decisions that still need to be made.