Looking to bring some romance and magic into your celebration of love? Then we cannot think of a better way than by hosting an enchanting winter wedding. Even though the idea of having nuptials during the colder months isn’t a big hit among most couples, we can see that this trend is changing and slowly starting to thrive – and it is no wonder why! This season has a special charm and warmth that brings people together. Add a touch of crispness in the air, misty light, and a possible snowfall and you get an amazing backdrop.

To inspire your vision, we’ve gathered the best fashion-forward yet timeless wedding ideas to ease your planning task. Check these out:


1. Winter Color Palettes

We are happy to see that metallics are back in the game. For 2022, Metallic Gold will be a more prominent tone that looks gorgeous in combination with Maroon. In the past years, gilded tones were used mainly as an accenting hue, but we are loving the fact that they are making a comeback with a contemporary glam twist.

If you are leaning towards a more subtle palette, Mauve and Gray make an iconic combo for a wintery mood. Also, Dusty Rose and Berry will become a favorite among romantic brides. However, if you want to infuse your wedding ideas with a warm and cozy yet sophisticated palette, go for Wine with Green and Black.

Seeking something on a lighter scale? How about Neutral Grays or Ivory and Rust with Taupe? We can already see these combos taking over your wedding planning!

2. Velvet Attire, Accessories & Linens

Velvet instantly gives a touch of drama and effortless elegance to your winter wedding. You can use it for the table setting for the linens (we are obsessed with this for any season) or maybe opt for velvet ribbons for your bouquet. Among the popular wedding ideas for 2022 will be the velvet bridesmaids’ dresses for the colder months, in the palette of your choice. However, you can elevate your aesthetic by opting for velvet bow ties as well. If you are planning a Christmas-themed celebration then this will be a perfect addition.

3. Nature-inspired Styling

Bringing the outside in is something that will complete your winter wedding plans. We love the use of organic elements to achieve that, complemented with foliages and candlelight. When envisioning your big day, think about the scents of pines, snowfall beauty, crackling fire, and magical lights.

4. Modern Simplistic Cakes

As much as we love dramatic cakes, this year a more minimalist approach will govern wedding planning when it comes to these delicious centerpieces. A subtle design with golden marble details featuring a lower-tier painted with your main color will make a striking impression on your friends and family.

5. Wraps and Capes to Keep You Warm

Wraps weren’t really out but they are coming in stronger than ever. Gone are the days when brides withstood the snowy session with nothing but the dress. This year we can expect to see more bridal capes, which we think are dreamy and will beat the chill. Plus, you get to be creative here and opt for faux fur, lace, silk, and even velvet.

It was definitely hard to limit our winter wedding ideas but we hope we inspired you to tailor your special day. Need more inspo and advice on how to pull off your event seamlessly? Then follow us on Instagram @vagencyevents or visit our contact page for help planning your wedding!