Waiting To Get Engaged To Be Married – 5 Easy Tips To Stay Patient

by | Dec 22, 2022 | Engagement | 0 comments

The year is coming to an end fast, it’s the 355th day of the year, Christmas day is in 3 days, it’s officially Winter and it’s the season to be married.  There is always so much anticipation for the New Year and consequently, the end of the year is no different.  Are you getting antsy as you await to get engaged to be married?  Do you find yourself clinging to every word, conversation, and move your partner makes?  

Let me be the first to say, I get it, it’s that time of the year when surprise proposals happen and everyone is engaged to be married.  You don’t know the day, time, or moment, but if you and your partner have talked about being married someday then, it’s COMING any day now.  Here are my 5 easy things you can do to be ready while waiting for the proposal. 

  1. BELIEVE in your partner and the love you have for one another.   If you believe in your heart your partner is the one then don’t let anxiety, doubt, fear, and people overshadow what you know to be true.  Remember your goal is to be engaged to be married.  it’s coming any day now!
  2. OPEN A NEW BANK ACCOUNT for your secret wedding fund.  While you wait to hear the words “Will You Marry Me?” why not save money for your wedding day?   Start today and challenge yourself to save $2,600 or more over the next year.  At a minimum, this is $50 bucks per week.  Just think whenever the proposal happens you will have money saved to buy your partner’s ring, engagement announcements, or wedding save-the-date cards.  When you have money saved you have options when the day comes.  
  3. SET STANDING APPOINTMENTS for personal beauty sessions for hair and nails.  Whether you frequent your professional hairstylist and manicurist or you personally do your own hair and nails, make sure beauty time is reoccurring weekly or bi-weekly.  
  4. VISUALIZE YOUR DREAM TO BE MARRIED by making a vision board for your wedding day.  THINK BIG, don’t go traditional or easy with poster board or Pinterest, take it a step further.  Make a personal wedding “lookbook” of your dream wedding vision.  Search magazines, blogs, Google, Pinterest, and more for images that speak to your personal wedding vision and then drop these images into a photo book software like Shutterfly, Snapfish or believe it or not Walgreens, yes the store has photo-book making services that you can get the same day.  It’s the holidays you can get these books for 50% to 70% off.  Use your personal lookbook as a tool to daily manifest your dream wedding into reality.
  5. BE OPENED MINDED AND AVAILABLE for your partner’s random or unusual requests.  As I have said before you don’t know the time, place, or moment when the proposal will happen so you have to be ready for anything.  This is the time you may think you know your partner so well and then you are surprised by their creativity and boom the proposal happens when you least expect it.  Then you can officially say I am engaged to be MARRIED!!!

While you are waiting be patient with yourself, and your partner and take action on the things you can control.  Challenge yourself today to do the 5 things to be ready to say YES once the question is popped. 

Ready, set EXECUTE, and make a list of the 5 things in the order you can get them done and by what date.  Let’s Talk, share your list and goal completion date.  You aren’t alone, I am your manifesting partner let’s get you engaged to be married!!!