Are you planning a wedding and considering attending a Wedding Show Expo?  It’s the best way to gain inspiration and ideas for your big day.  The idea of attending a wedding show expo can be overwhelming for many brides-to-be. With so many vendors, services, and products available, it can be difficult to know where to start. In this blog, I am unlocking expo secrets you need to know before attending.  From what to expect, how to prepare, and clever tips and tricks to get the most out of your experience.  Read on to get the inside scoop on how to maximize your time during the expo. 

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  1. Plan ahead! The best way to make sure you get everything out of the show is by planning ahead. Make sure you know which shows are coming up in your local area, so you can pick one or two that fit into your schedule.  Then, go the extra mile by registering and buying your tickets in advance.
  2. Invite your wedding squad Ask your best friend and maid-of-honor to join you as you explore the exciting possibilities for your big day. With an extra set of eyes and ears, you’ll be able to more easily compare and contrast ideas, and vendors and make the best decisions for your wedding.
  3. Create a wedding email Create a dedicated email address for your wedding – a home for all your wedding-related communication!
  4. Be prepared to explore in style! Dress comfortably but don’t forget to bring your style too – you never know who you’ll meet at a wedding expo! Bring a tote bag to carry your goodies, layer up and make sure to wear comfortable shoes for all the walking and standing you’ll do.
  5. Pack a Snack Survival Kit Make sure you’re ready for a day at the expo by bringing along a snack survival kit. Fill it with a few of your favorite granola bars, trail mix, and fruit snacks. Throw in a bottle of water too, just in case there are no food options at the expo. With your snacks, you can be certain you won’t have to leave early because of hunger.
  6. Print Address Labels Don’t miss out on the chance to win incredible prizes at the show.  Have pre-printed labels with your name, email, telephone number, and wedding date, so you can quickly and easily enter contests and take advantage of show specials without having to fill out multiple forms.  You can also use the labels to provide your information to companies that you are interested in.  Trust me this is a wedding show game changer.
  7. Snap It, Speak It, Write It As you are navigating through the wedding show you will see a ton of ideas and inspiration, capture the magic of the day with technology snap photos to remember the visual details, create voice notes to recall the vendor details, and if all less fails jot down details in the notes app. 
  8. Act Quickly! Reach out to the companies you interacted with at the show within 72 hours of the show–review your photos and notes to make a list of who you want to have as part of your wedding dream team. Don’t miss this opportunity to book your dream wedding vendors–calendars fill up quickly, so don’t delay!

Now you have the secrets needed to conquer your first wedding expo, put them to good use!  I’d love to hear about your experience afterward,  please come back and drop a comment telling me how it all turned out for you – I’m excited to hear about your experience.