Valentine’s Day is almost here and time is running out to get that special plan together for your significant other. But don’t worry, I have you covered! In this post, I’m sharing five easy and stress-free ideas that are sure to make your day special. From delicious food to romantic music and movie suggestions, I’ve got everything you need to make this celebration one to remember. So forget the expensive gifts and extravagant plans and focus on what really matters – love! With these ideas, you can show your love in the simplest of ways and create Valentine’s Day that will be truly special.

Spotify Valentine's Day Playlist

Music is an integral part of Valentine‘s Day and love celebrations. To set the mood, here‘s a curated 30song playlist from Spotify for your listening pleasure.

Popular Valentine's Day Heart Shape Pizza from Papa Johns

Why not show your love this Valentine’s Day with a heart-shaped pizza?  It’s a simple and affordable way to share a meal with your special someone. Plus, who doesn’t love pizza?  Here’s where to order near your, PapaJohns.

Valentine's Day Blank l love you greeting card from Target

With just one day until Valentine‘s Day, it may be difficult to find the perfect card. Try finding a blank card with a simpleI love you message on the outside and write your own heartfelt words. Need help getting started?  Click the link from Southern Living to help you express your love on paper.

Valentine's Day Giant Chocolate Chip Heart Cookie by Nestle

For a unique Valentine’s Day treat, why not try a giant heart-shaped cookie? It’s a great alternative to traditional chocolate desserts like chocolate-covered strawberries, basic chocolate candy, and cake. Plus, it’s easy to find and just as delicious

Valentine's Day action romantic comedy movie list from Mens Health

If you’re looking for something fun and different for your Valentine’s Day entertainment, why not try an action romantic comedy? Here’s a list of some great options to check out!

Now you have plenty of ideas to create a romantic and stressfree Valentine‘s Day with your partner. Celebrate your love and enjoy the special day together

Drop a comment below to let us know which idea you will incorporate into your celebration.